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I'm Not Fooling Around!
7 Day Body & Mind Reset - Online Available April 1, 2023

20 HOURS FOR $20

RTT™ Rapid Transformational Therapy

Beyond traditional hypnotherapy where you only receive suggestions, RTT™ goes to the root, the cause the origin of the problem, reframes and rewrites your subconscious mind to assist you in living your best life.

Clearing Your Blocks to Happiness Session

The Most Popular booking after the #1 Rated RTT™ Overcoming Procrastination Session

Personalized to address any of the 5 Blocks you are suffering with.

Ancestral & Family Clearing Session

Sometimes it’s the family you know that keeps you stuck…sometimes it’s further back in your family timeline. Either way, addressing inherited issues releases you from repeating your ancestors mistakes…again.

Past Life Regression & Healing

Curious about who you’ve lived as before now?

Feel like there is an inner wound following you everywhere?

Step back in time and find out what you’ve always wanted to know with this personalized hypnotherapy session.

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