Quitting after 30 years

Overcoming Alcoholism Using
Rapid Transformational Therapy™

E.V.'s Story of Recovery

According to traditional addiction treatments, E.V. should have had “the D.T.’s” and severe withdrawal symptoms when he stopped drinking after 30 years of nightly nightcaps…But he didn’t, in fact, two months out from his first Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT) Session with me, he’s now completely indifferent to alcohol. 

A return client, E.V. originally “tested the waters” by exploring what hypnotherapy could do for him and his golf game.  Like many retired Floridians, E.M. golfs regularly, but he was stuck with the same handicap he’d had for decades and a bad habit of letting things spiral out of control if he had one bad shot. Four months later, he’s much calmer, happier and working towards being a good, if not great golfer.

E.V.’s second session with me was to eliminate his daily drinking habit. Although I’d discovered during his previous intake call that the real reason was his fear of sleeping, I knew that if we didn’t treat the addiction first, it would be considerably more difficult to eradicate his insomnia. 

Three weeks after E.V.’s session for alcoholism, we finally addressed the overarching issue, his insomnia. During the session, it became very apparent that the reason why he didn’t sleep at night was because a part of him was “punishing him” for being alive. As the “oops child” E.V. “knew” even in utero that he wasn’t wanted. It was that early in his life that the part causing his insomnia started punishing him. As time went on, the part found various different ways to punish E.V. through “self-sabotage” which eventually lead to E.V. developing the coping mechanism of drinking before bed to give himself some (in his own words) “peace of mind.”

Once he understood why he regularly sabotaged himself, it was easy for me to create a custom reframe and transformational audio recording which E.V.. still listens to it, because he feels a little bit better about himself every time he does. 

If E.V. had gone the route of traditional addiction treatment, instead of being indifferent to alcohol, he would have thought about it every single day. Your mind cannot process the word “not” effectively so unfortunately what happens when an addict thinks about “not drinking” what the mind focuses on is drinking.

Likewise, if E.V. had instead opted for talk-therapy, he’d still be talking to his therapist 2-3 times per week and perhaps never going far back enough to understand his lack of self worth started in the womb.

Instead, E.V. is looking forward to enjoying time with his future grandkids and even expects to now live long enough to teach them how to pitch baseball.

Note: E.V. chose to combine PAT+Hypnotherapy for his final session and although the psilocybin dosage was only 1 gram, it helped him integrate everything he’d learned in session faster and also allow him to accept the fact that he had been affected by events that happened before he was even born.

E.V. is just one example of former clients who using PAT+Hypnotherapy or RTT™ who have had massive, immediate shifts in their life.

As someone who overcome cPTSD  (Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) myself, I can also attest with 100% certainty that although talk therapy was useful, (antidepressants were not in my case) PAT+Hypnotherapy is the fastest way to overcome chronic depression and as E.V. illustrates addictions as well.

Why should I choose Concierge Hypnotherapy?
by Bonnie Klemm,

In 2023, most patients expect their Dr.’s to be available virtually…why wouldn’t you expect the same from your hypnotherapist?


After conducting 100s of RTT™ sessions, one thing I’ve discovered they all have in common is the profound way every client of mine arrives at their own unique “wow” moment.


All Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Sessions, by their very nature, are a lot like peeling an onion–lots of layers and for 80-90% of my clients it also includes a lot of crying. 


With concierge hypnotherapy, you’re allowed to go through the transformational process in the privacy of your own home….No need to do your hair or makeup (although we do suggest having a babysitter so you can focus on your session.)


And you can cry as much and for as long as you need…


As a Certified Hypnotherapist and RTT™ Practitioner, I offer concierge hypnotherapy sessions both virtually and in person if you prefer at your home.


You may be asking, but is virtual/online hypnotherapy effective?


The simple answer is yes. In fact nearly 90% of my clients choose virtual visits, both for the convenience, and the cost savings.


Another benefit of virtual concierge hypnotherapy, is in my practice, the majority of my clients are based in Europe and therefore I’ve become accustomed to accommodating various time zones. So there’s no need to worry about availability…


Concierge Hypnotherapy is all about the client…I’m here to accommodate your schedule and your needs whether they be virtual or in home.


Start by booking your Intake call today below.

There are only 5 Blocks to reaching any goal


1. Physical

2. Mental

3. Psychological

4. Ancestral or Family


5. Past Life or Collective Conscious

After spending about a decade as a health and wellness consultant, I had to step back and reevaluate everything I knew about the health industry. Even when my clients knew exactly what they needed to do to reach their goals, even when they did everything “right” there was about a 20-30% failure rate. If you look at any statistics related to the “dieting” industry, you can see that although I was producing phenomenal results for my clients, there was still a large percentage of people who were not achieving their health goals…regardless of how much willpower they exerted.


Why were so many successful and highly motivated individuals unable to find success when it came to fitness?  I discovered the answer when I went back and identified the exact point where my clients “hit the wall” or “plateaued” or said to me “I just can’t do that.” It wasn’t that they couldn’t physically do the act, it was the moment when their limiting beliefs about what was possible for them kicked in. When their subconscious stepped in and took over. Over and over and over again, once a client reached what they believed to be their full potential, their subconscious mind said STOP! 


Especially during rehab a client would execute an action perfectly, unconsciously when they were paying attention to what I was doing and mimicking the activity. But as soon as they attempted to do it on their own, as soon as their mind wasn’t occupied with learning, their subconscious mind stepped in and said some form of “Nope, that could hurt you! You can’t do that! You’ve NEVER been able to do that!” Basically, their mind was convinced that action was not available to them.


Once I recognized this pattern, the answer to how to fix this issue I discovered was simple, I had to fix  my client’s mind, and specifically the limiting beliefs from their subconscious. Having studied the works of Marisa Peer, the world famous hypnotherapist and developer of the Rapid Transformational Therapy Program (RTT) for years, I knew by becoming a RTT Practitioner, that I could unlock my client’s full potential.