What do you really, really, really want in your life?

What must you let go of to receive what you really, really, really want?

View Stefania's Story above and additional testimonials below. From procrastination to alcoholism, RTT™ removes the root cause why you find yourself stuck.


Exactly one day after having my 5 blocks clearing session, I found a business partner and completely changed the way I approach my business. I did more in the next week than I had in months.
Bonita K.
West Palm, FL
In hours I rewrote the story I'd been telling myself since my boyfriend died years ago. I now believe I'm worthy and have even gone back to school to pursue my life purpose as a therapist.
Evelyn H.
Los Angeles
I came to Bonnie to cure my procrastination but what happened was miraculous. I cleared the blocks in my personal life that had me on the path toward divorce. Two days after my session, my husband ask
Valerie V.
London, UK

Life is stressful…but you don’t have to let that stress age you…

The #1 cause of aging is stress…not simply for your mental health, but also in your physical body. 

Your body keeps the score…Every mental stress you suppress or stressor you ignore, stays with you. Either as a subconscious behavior, or as a health condition.

Anxiety, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, alcohol dependence and headaches are just a few ways stress manifests itself, if you don’t deal with it.

There are 5 type of blocks keeping you from what you want

OK, so what are these 5 blocks?

1. Physical

2. Mental

3. Psychological

4. Ancestral or Family

5. Past Life or Collective Conscious

After spending about a decade as a health and wellness consultant, I had to step back and reevaluate everything I knew about the health industry. Even when my clients knew exactly what they needed to do to reach their goals, even when they did everything “right” there was about a 20-30% failure rate. If you look at any statistics related to the “dieting” industry, you can see that although I was producing phenomenal results for my clients, there was still a large percentage of people who were not achieving their health goals…regardless of how much willpower they exerted.


Why were so many successful and highly motivated individuals unable to find success when it came to fitness?  I discovered the answer when I went back and identified the exact point where my clients “hit the wall” or “plateaued” or said to me “I just can’t do that.” It wasn’t that they couldn’t physically do the act, it was the moment when their limiting beliefs about what was possible for them kicked in. When their subconscious stepped in and took over. Over and over and over again, once a client reached what they believed to be their full potential, their subconscious mind said STOP! 


Especially during rehab a client would execute an action perfectly, unconsciously when they were paying attention to what I was doing and mimicking the activity. But as soon as they attempted to do it on their own, as soon as their mind wasn’t occupied with learning, their subconscious mind stepped in and said some form of “Nope, that could hurt you! You can’t do that! You’ve NEVER been able to do that!” Basically, their mind was convinced that action was not available to them.


Once I recognized this pattern, the answer to how to fix this issue I discovered was simple, I had to fix  my client’s mind, and specifically the limiting beliefs from their subconscious. Having studied the works of Marisa Peer, the world famous hypnotherapist and developer of the Rapid Transformational Therapy Program (RTT) for years, I knew by becoming a RTT Practitioner, that I could unlock my client’s full potential.