You use a concierge when on vacation to ensure you have the best experience, why don’t you do the same for your health?

Why choose concierge hypnotherapy?


In 2023, most patients expect their Dr.’s to be available virtually…why wouldn’t you expect the same from your hypnotherapist?


After conducting 100s of RTT™ sessions, one thing I’ve discovered they all have in common is the profound way every client of mine arrives at their own unique “wow” moment.


All Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Sessions, by their very nature, are a lot like peeling an onion–lots of layers and for 80-90% of my clients it also includes a lot of crying. 


With concierge hypnotherapy, you’re allowed to go through the transformational process in the privacy of your own home….No need to do your hair or makeup (although we do suggest having a babysitter so you can focus on your session.)


And you can cry as much and for as long as you need…


As a Certified Hypnotherapist and RTT™ Practitioner, I offer concierge hypnotherapy sessions both virtually and in person if you prefer at your home.


You may be asking, but is virtual/online hypnotherapy effective?


The simple answer is yes. In fact nearly 90% of my clients choose virtual visits, both for the convenience, and the cost savings.


Another benefit of virtual concierge hypnotherapy, is in my practice, the majority of my clients are based in Europe and therefore I’ve become accustomed to accommodating various time zones. So there’s no need to worry about availability…


Concierge Hypnotherapy is all about the client…I’m here to accommodate your schedule and your needs whether they be virtual or in home.


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