That’s Not Me! I’m Not a Procrastinator!

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That’s Not Me! I’m Not a Procrastinator! takes you on a transformational journey from awareness of your procrastination, identifies the reasons why you procrastinate and then transforms your thought process into a newly transformed procrastination-free reincarnation.

A book doesn’t have to be big to be transformative, it only has to offer the information necessary for growth on an individual level.

In only a few short chapters, you will transform yourself from a procrastinator into an active participant in your life. Ms. Klemm, RTTP C.Hyp, takes you through this process by breaking down how an actual Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT) hypnotherapy reframe and transformation is developed. Ms. Klemm will walk you through the steps to do the hard work yourself using automatic writing as a stand-in for her preferred modality which is hypnotism.

This process is designed to bypass your conscious mind that thinks it knows everything, and speak directly with your subconscious mind, the portion of you being that is actually in control of pretty much everything. From your autonomous system that ensures your heart keeps beating and that you keep breathing…to your flight, fight, freeze or fawn response that may literally keep you alive in dangerous situations (yes, there are actually four different reactions available.)

As the world-renowned hypnotherapist  (and a mentor to Ms. Klemm)  Marisa Peer, often reminds her clients and students, “The mind’s only job is to keep you alive.”

That’s Not Me! I’m Not a Procrastinator! Is more of a workbook than a test. This is the same information you would receive in a 30 day coaching experience costing many thousands of dollars.

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